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Take a look at some of our PRODUCTS. NOW you can decorate your office or home with original photos of the artist Waldo Arias of various exhibitions and competitions such as Art Basel, Art takes new york and photo expos around the world. This art photography is a retelling of 50 years of cuba turning away from the world. These Pictures have been taken from the 90’s (some photographs were taken with a SLR camera have the textured grain style). Others with DSLR. All the way to today and you will still have the sensation that you are in the 1950’s. Many of these buildings, cars and people still exist against the corrosion of the Caribbean Sea. Havana and its people still keep moving. Even though almost everything is demolished it still has its magic. Cubans are inspired with the colors and beauty despite being in a devastated city. Here you can safely buy all kinds of merchandising in our associated store

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GO TO OUR ONLINE STORE HAVANA CITY US is an information portal for generations of Cuban Americans and Cubans in all parts of the world to share images of Havana in its different stages. Here you can safely buy all kinds of merchandising in our associated store you can buy Cuban Memorabilia on our website or Ebay





  • Eddy

    Recomiendo esta tienda online 120% le di una idea a Waldo su creador y el la diseño aportando humor y buen gusto. Pude ir al gran evento de nuestra lucha por la libertad en Washington representando mis ideas como cubano americano.

    no dejen de visitar su tienda y apruebo este mensaje.

    - Eddy
  • Gilberto

    To be proud of the Cuban struggle on the island, buy a “Patria y Vida” t-shirt. The quality of printing, original design and a high quality product made in the United States is a good investment. ver foto

    - Gilberto
  • Alina

    Acabamos de recibir el paquete 📦

    A mi esposo le encanto es mi regalo de cumpleaños para el
    Muchas gracias! 🙂
    - Alina
  • Carlos

    I just received my shirt and I love it. Before the first try I wash it and… so far so good. My order got delayed due to some problems with PayPal but Waldo proactively was pinging me letting me know the status. I highly recommend the service. High quality shirts.

    - Carlos
  • Ulises

    Compre 4 articulos en la tienda de Waldo con temas de Tabacos y ademas un tshirt all over print con una calidad maxima de fibra textil la imagen del movimiento 11 de Julio en Cuba. ver foto

    - Ulises
  • Alexander W.

    Really well done shirts! Excellent quality and variety. Highly recommend!

    - Alexander W.

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